DXB Entertainments is at the forefront of the booming leisure and entertainment industry in the Middle East. Our aim is to redefine the sector with a growing, integrated portfolio of engaging family attractions and hospitality services. We believe there is great potential for the future growth of the entertainment industry in this region and DXB Entertainments is at the forefront, spearheading this expansion.

At DXB Entertainments, we are introducing world-class standards in safety and entertainment, employing the best global talent and equipping the local workforce with the skills to excel in this growing industry. We are using our expertise to bring ‘smart’ integrated technology, digital customer service solutions and cutting-edge connectivity to our destinations in the region, as well as state-of-the-art ride and virtual reality technology to deliver an immersive, entertainment experience for our guests.

With an energy and enthusiasm that is characteristic of businesses borne in the UAE, we are determined to successfully deliver a portfolio of world-class leisure and entertainments projects, and to become a thought leader in the leisure and entertainment industry in the Middle East.

Changing our corporate name to DXB Entertainments sends an important message from our company – it is a clear statement of our ambition for growth beyond our existing theme park destination. Our new name differentiates our corporate entity from Dubai Parks and Resorts, and puts us on a firm footing for future expansion and ventures.